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Simplicity is touching, which leaves more room for emotions.

JTL Studio用空间讲故事,一个住宅欧宝体育app苹果空间讲的故事可能安静,可能热闹,或许创新。无论如何都是“场地”自己的故事,都是真实的情感。当我们进入成都东原·印长江的时候,我们看到的不是风格的陈述、不是样式的修饰、不是细节的桎梏;我们看到的是简约的语言,是用空间讲故事的一种可能。

Space can tell us stories.The story told by residential landscape space may be quiet, lively,or innovative.Whatever the style is,it is the story of the"place",which shows true feelings and emotions.

Upon entering the site of Dowell·Riveria Impression,Chengdu,instead of style,form and detail,the first idea coming into our mind was the simple language as well as the possibility to tell stories with space.



For a large-scale residential development, its landscape spaces will reflect the quality of life. Good landscape space will allow people to experience the true meaning of “living” and lead an elegant life, which is the purpose of our design.

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Fortunately, the design idea about living in the exhibition area also penetrates into other landscapes throughout the development, ensuring a unified landscape style of the project.

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Though created with simple languages, skills and techniques, the landscape spaces throughout the development have vividly interpreted the lively, elegant and fancy scenes of life. We believe that space like this will touch the heart of everyone.

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Plants, lights and landscape architectures, when all these landscape elements are ready, we are extremely moved and excited at the thought of inviting visitors into the space.

640.webp (8).jpg

640.webp (9).jpg

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Instead of too much expression, we believe that landscape "language" should remain “silent” and allow the space itself to express the landscape. In this way, the residential spaces will keep in perfect harmony with the sunlight, trees, flowers, grass and water.

640.webp (11).jpg


We integrate the paths into the courtyard in the hope that the central courtyard will look elegant and welcoming; the public and private spaces penetrate into each other, allowing people to enjoy their life at ease.

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640.webp (13).jpg


Following the style of the exhibition area, the residences are designed to be simple and elegant without excessive decorations. 

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640.webp (15).jpg

640.webp (16).jpg


Plants and flowing water are introduced into simple geometric blocks, creating multiple space levels. Relaxing yourself in the elegant space with familiar environment around, you will have a brand new view of common life. 


640.webp (17).jpg

640.webp (18).jpg

640.webp (19).jpg

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In the courtyard, nature presents different beauty every day. With light, wind and rain as the background, the stories between users are unfolding in the romantic courtyard. 

640.webp (21).jpg


640.webp (22).jpg


640.webp (23).jpg


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640.webp (22).jpg


When pillars, walls, grids and pergola are connected with each other, they contribute to a space of higher quality.

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It is impossible to create a “living” space without the dialogue between the creator and the users. We really hope that people can slow down to experience and interact with the “landscape space”. The idea that allows landscape space to tell stories will become more and more attractive as time goes by. 

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欧宝体育app苹果设计:JTL Studio Pte.Ltd

方案设计团队:刘展、Pax Ju、罗钦瑜、王小波







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