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Far from Taihu Lake, near the canal; wind is ancient, water is the legacy.


Suzhou is an epitome of China's idealized city. She retains the cultural heritage of simplicity, simplicity, elegance and elegance, while on the other hand, she is novel and fashionable in economy and has a variety of features. The vitality of Suzhou culture penetrates the history calmly and continues to the present, which is the most special aspect of Suzhou humanistic spirit.

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For thousands of years, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has displayed human civilization, like a book written by water waves and a song written by a ship. There are various natural scenery along the coast, such as mountains, rivers, streams, lakes, forests, etc., which give birth to all kinds of life living near the water.



The base is located in Yundong block, Wujiang District, Suzhou, adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. This is a canal flows from north to south, moistening the land and nurturing the life near the water. Walking along the canal, you can feel the relationship between human and nature in time. It is shaped properly by the millennial canal, and it also gives the site good growth ability.

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Design source


The landscape elements along the canal, such as dam, canyon, Pinghu Lake, waterfall, waves, stream and forest, are extracted to reconstruct the scenery along the canal in the modern and future time and space with the context of modern art design, and start a journey to art garden over the canal by following the waterway.

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General layout


The external interface is just at a corner. In order to better open the architectural viewing surface, we have created an open and demonstrative interface - to guide the moving line inward,and combine with the relatively complete external urban interface after having communication with the client for several times, to open a series of artistic experience tours of the canal "changti, canyon, Pinghu" scenes.

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The appropriate water system supports the reflection of the building, and the sunken road makes a good separation between  pedestrian and municipal roads, ensuring the quality and comfort for pedestrian access. The municipal street trees are reflected in front of people passing through the water gorge through ingenious viewpoints. Water cascade in the gorge creates a brisk welcome feeling for the passers-by.

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The light prelude of the movement has been well paved in the front field, and there will be high tides in the back field to enrich people's emotional experience.


We hope to create a design that resonates in three aspects: canal memory, customer experience and artistic landscape, so as to integrate the rear field treatment method, and extend the indoor eyesight to the outdoor.

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Suzhou is a city of water,life here is inseparable from water. The waterfalls create an atmosphere of spatial scale experience, with layers of water waves flowing slowly and the sun shining finely, it deduces a poetic, quiet, and pleasant slow space for entering and leaving the world.

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The trickle of the waterfall forms a contrast with the mirrored water below. The graceful branches and leaves in the feature tree pools are growing with less impulsion and more peace. This is the city charm of Suzhou, which looks like rhythm of mountains and rivers, but unity of man and nature in fact.

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Create an empty water ripple light corridor, where you can slow down from daily life.


With the change of weather and time, the water body will produce various random expressions in the corridor - either in the sunlight, in the twilight in the evening, or in the rain ripples on the top of the head in rainy days.

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It is a container full of randomness, changing in a variety of emotions. Entering the corridor of light and shadow, like walking in the expression of ripples of time.


The landscape in the garden does not pursue ostentation, but deduces the water flow with linear elements, enriching the space form and shrinks the sight, and creates a sense of curiosity through the transformation of space.

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A courtyard, trees swaying, tree shadow whirling, all things return to soft. Stroll in the afternoon and feel the quiet beauty of the forest flowing in the rolling years.

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After the project completion, we are happy to know that a couple had a marriage proposal ceremony at the garden waterfall in the backyard.

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The place we built, the flowing water and plants here, all bear witness to this beautiful and happy memory. The growth of all things, we look forward to the beautiful, as promised.


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